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程嘉美  ♀
Nomoto Miho
Pinyin: chéng jiā měi
Ching Ga Mei,  Miho Nomoto

影視作品 / Filmography (1997-2001)
  演員 / Actor (1997-2001)
    赤足驚魂 / The Peeping Tom (1997) ... / Kelly
    女歡 / Lady in Heat (1999) ... / Inspector Chia Mei
    獸性難馴 / Sex Medusa (2001) ... / Fong
  Born in Saitama. After several videofilms in Japan in 1995, this model debuted movies in the sixth film of the Kunoichi saga, "Kunoichi Ninpocho: Ninja Getsueisho" followed by "Fudoh: The Next Generation" (both from 1996). The success of these movies led her to do several movies in Hong Kong, beginning with "The Peeping Tom" in 1997.