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白光  ♀
Bai Guang
Pinyin: bái guāng
Pak Kwong,  Pai Kwong,  Bai Kwong

影視作品 / Filmography (1943-1959)
  監製 / Producer
    鮮牡丹 / Fresh Peony (1956)    
    接財神 / Welcome, God of Wealth! (1959)    
  導演 / Director
    鮮牡丹 / Fresh Peony (1956)    
    接財神 / Welcome, God of Wealth! (1959)    
  演員 / Actor (1943-1959)
    為誰辛苦為誰忙 / Wei Shui Xin Ku Wei Shui Mang (1943)    
    戀之火 / The Fire of Passion (1945)    
    亂世的女性 / Women in Wartime (1948)    
    十三號凶宅 / Shi San Hao Xiong Zhai (1948)    
    人盡可夫 / She Married Three Times (1948)    
    十三號凶宅 / Shi San Hao Xiong Zhai (1948)    
    十三號凶宅 / Shi San Hao Xiong Zhai (1948) ... 姨太太 / Concubine
    十三號凶宅 / Shi San Hao Xiong Zhai (1948)    
    蝴蝶夢 / The Dream of the Butterfly (1948)    
    626間諜網 / Missing Document (1948)    
    珠光寶氣 / Zhu Guang Bao Qi (1948)    
    柳浪聞鶯 / Two Musical Girls (1948)    
    血染海棠紅 / Blood-Stained Begonia (1949) ... 三奶奶 / Third Madame Ma
    蕩婦心 / An Unfaithful Woman (1949) ... 蔡梅英 / Tsai Mei-Ying
    風流寶鑑 / The Lexicon of Love (1949)    
    諜海雄風 / Intelligence Stars (1949)    
    結婚24小時 / Twenty Four Hours of Marriage (1950)    
    雨夜歌聲 / Song on a Rainy Night (1950) ... 阿巧 / Ah Qiao
    一代妖姬 / A Strange Woman (1950) ... 小香水 / Little Perfume
    玫瑰花開 / When Roses Bloom (1951) ... 羅美音 / Luo Mei-Yin
    迎春樂 / The Joy of Spring (1951)    
    蛇蝎美人 / Smash Up (1952)    
    香姐兒 / Song of Nightingale (1952)    
    銀海千秋 / The Magic World of Filmdom (1953)    
    新西廂記 / New West Chamber (1953) ... 紅娘 / Hong Niang
    歌女紅菱艷 / A Songstress Called Hong Lingyan (1953)    
    鮮牡丹 / Fresh Peony (1956)    
    銀海笙歌 / The Film World's Merry Song (1958)    
    接財神 / Welcome, God of Wealth! (1959)    
    多情恨 / Love's Sad Ending (1959) ... 小蘭 / Hsiao Lan
  編劇 / Writer
    鮮牡丹 / Fresh Peony (1956)    
    接財神 / Welcome, God of Wealth! (1959)    
  主唱 / Singer
    十三號凶宅 / Shi San Hao Xiong Zhai (1948)    
  Legendary film star and singer.

In the early 1950s, Bai Guang retired from music and film and lived in Kuala Lumpur until per passing in 1999.

On her tomb in Malaysia, her husband who perhaps provided the best description of her life, wrote this (translated from Chinese):

Born in 1921, Bai Guang, the twin stars of singing and film, has gone through turbulent and prosperous years, from Peking in the great era to Kuala Lumpur today. Bai Guang is straightforward, graceful, handsome, bold and brave enough, and is a legendary woman. Bai Guang's glorious achievements in the music world are greater than those in the film world. With a tiger left behind and a person's name, Bai Guang has not wasted his life, and his wishes have been fulfilled. Bai Guang went to Japan to study in 1937 and studied at the Music Department of Nihon University in Tokyo. He was engaged in film work during the Second World War in 1942. "Peach and Plum Struggling for Spring" laid the foundation for her film career. She is naturally beautiful, beautiful and cheerful, brilliant and charming. With her proficient acting skills and unique and beautiful singing voice, she has swept countless movie fans and fans. In 1950, after the war, Bai Guang returned to Hong Kong to serve as film producer, screenwriter, director and heroine, respectively. He won the names of "A Generation of Enchantress" and "Peerless Stunner" and was crowned as the "Light of Chinese Art Circle"... …We decided to continue our relationship and love each other forever. " —— Husband Yan Lianglong Li