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羅德安  ♂
Luo De-An
Pinyin: luó ān
Lo Tak-Ngon ,  Luo Dan,  Luo Kangsheng
影視作品 / Filmography (1975-1988)
  攝影 / Cinematographer
    決裂 / Breaking with Old Ideas (1975)    
    一盤沒有下完的棋 / The Go Masters (1983)    
    寒夜 / Cold Night (1984)    
    原野 / The Savage Land (1988)    
  Born in Chengdu, Sichuan. Mother: Li Lili

Wife Ling Zi

After graduating in 1962 from the Beijing Film Academy, assigned to work at the Beijing Film Studio. Retired and moved to Hong Kong in the late '80s.