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Au Revoir, Mon Amour (1991)
Alias: Till We Meet Again
Country: Hong Kong
Circuit: Golden Harvest 
Genres: Romance  War 
Theatrical Run: 03/28/1991 - 04/18/1991
Box Office: HK $5,789,984.00
  Tony Au Ting-Ping
  Gordon Chan Ka-Seung
  Liu Wing-Leung (2)
Action Director
  Mang Hoi
  Chua Lam
  Anita Mui Yim-Fong ... Mooi Yi
  Tony Leung Ka-Fai ... Sum
  Carrie Ng Ka-Lai ... Mui-Yi's aunt
  Akai Hidekazu ... Japanese Consul Noguchi
  Norman Chu Siu-Keung ... Tieh / Tit Chak Man
  Kenneth Tsang Kong ... Mui-Yi's father
  Aoyama Chikako ... In love with Noguchi [cameo]
  Kunimura Jun ... Shiragawa
  William Duen Wai-Lun ... Tieh's man
  Sheren Tang Shui-Man    
  Golden Harvest Productions (Hong Kong)
Production Manager
  Anthony Lo Ga-Chi
  Lorraine Hoh Lai-Seung
  Dave Lam Jing
Sound Recordist
  Chow Shao-Lung
  Nip Kei-Wing
  Sam Yan
  Chan Wai-Yip
Art Director
  Eddie Ma Poon-Chiu
  Horace Ma Gwong-Wing
Script Supervisor
  Chang Cham-Sam
  Lam Wing (1)
  Gwong Ting-Woh (1)
  Lee Tak-Shing
  Amy Chin Siu-Wai
  Lo Shui-Lin (2)
  Law Shing-Chiu (2)
  Peter Pau Tak-Hai
  Peter Ngor Chi-Kwan
  David Chung Chi-Man
  Bill Wong Chung-Piu
  Keung Chuen-Tak
  Peter Cheung Yiu-Chung
Costume Designer
  Yiu Ka-Kwok
  Yiu Wai-Man
  Chan Sau-Ming
  Leonard Ho Koon-Cheung
Assistant Director
  Lau Siu-Guen (1)
Hair Stylist
  Lee Lin-Dai (1)
Assistant Action Director
  Siu Tak-Foo
  Anthony Lun Wing-Leung
  Chan Ming-Diy

A tragic love story set against the always volatile and often violent backdrop of Shanghai during the Japanese occupation and at the opening of the Pacific Theater of the Second World War. A nightclub singer becomes involved with both a member of the Chinese resistance and an officer of the Japanese army. [from the Rim Films Catalog] Mui-Yi (who sings four songs) and the patriotic Sum were lovers in their student days. But just as their love blossomed, the onset of WWII took Sum away. Their paths cross again, years later, when the war is at its height. Mui-Yi is now a sultry nightclub songstress, and witnesses Sum fight with and shoot dead a Japanese national. Mui-Yi hides the wounded Sum with the help of her aunt. The ruthless secret police chief Tieh suspects this, and has Mui-Yi's father arrested and takes over his nightclub. The aunt despises Tieh but, with her old (and impotent) husband out of the way, becomes drawn to the violent Tieh. Meanwhile, the Japanese Consul does all he can to protect Mui-Yi while failing to conceal his obvious passion for her. He also helps the two lovers stay in contact, and Mui-Yi falls pregnant to Sum, who inevitably must go away again, but he promises that, when the war is over, he'll find her again. There's much gritting of teeth and stoicism and patriotic self- sacrifice all round. To protect Mui-Yi, Sum even shoots the Consul in the knee, to give him a reason for invalid discharge, to get him and Mui-Yi out of the war zone. Ouch. And, as in all sweeping romances where the lovers are kept apart, when they are together they're always at crossed purposes......