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火燒島之橫行霸道 (1997)
Jail in Burning Island
Alias: The Jailbreakers
Origin: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin 
Circuit: Empire 
Genre: Action 
Rating: II B (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run: 04/25/1997 - 05/01/1997
Box Office: HK $3,039,388.00
  Kevin Chu Yen-Ping
  Fu Li
Martial Arts Director
  Lin Wan-Chang
  Laura Luo Tiao-Hui
  Nicky Wu Chi-Lung ... Lin
  Kaneshiro Takeshi ... Yeung Chung
  Hao Shao-Wen ... Wen
  Yvonne Yung Hung ... Lin's wife
  Jackson Lau Hok-Yin ... Brother Pao
  Anthony Wong Chau-Sang ... Prison warden Goo
  Chen Song-Yong ... Yoong
  Ng Man-Tat (1) ... Uncle Da
  Chao Tzu-Chiang ... Liang
  Phoenix Chang Feng-Shu    
  John Ching Tung ... Captain Du
  Wong Yat-Fei ... Mentally challenged inmate
  Tu Fu-Ping ... Five
  Yeung Siu-Lai    
  Chang Yu-Hao    
  Yau Chi-Zheng    
  Chen Kuang-Chien ... Brother Pao's thug
  Gap Wing-Ping    
  Lee Siu-Lam    
  Cheung Fu-Kwok    
  Lam Ting-Sang    
  Lin Hong-Hsieng    
  Huang Cheng-Lin (1) ... Informant
  Chang Chung-Yu ... Yoong's thug
  Choi Kwok-Chau ... [Extra]
  Li Wen-Tu (1) ... [Extra]
  Yam Pak-Wang ... [Extra]
  So Man-Tsz ... [Extra]
Production Company
  Chue Law Gei Din Ying Yau Haan Gung Shut
  Hok Che Gei Gau (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Chung Bing-Wong
  Chang Ching (3)
Script Supervisor
  Cho Kwok-Lee
  Chen Jung-Shu
Focus Puller
  Yip Chun-Wing
  Lee Yue-Kwan
Art Director
  Lam Maan-Wa
  Lu Chun (2)
  Lu Chun (2)
Costume Designer
  Lam Chi-Wing (3)
  Cheung Wing-Yiu
  Yau Yee-Chu
  Yang Shu-Chen
  Hui Yong-Kwong (1)
  Chang Hong (4)
Sound Recordist
  Lin Shun-Lang
  Lee Sai-Cheong
  Chen Po-Wen
  Ricky Ho Kwok-Kit
  Laura Luo Tiao-Hui
Production Manager
  Chow Mang-Kwan
  Li Wen-Zhan
Car Stunts Director
  Chen Chun-Kun
Special Effects
  Tony Hu Zhong-Guang
Recording Studio
  Bao Lai Fa Recording Studio
  Lin Shun-Lang
  Kuo Yung-Chun
  Yueh Hua-Hsiang
  Police officer Yeung Chung accidentally injures a hostage on duty which enables the criminals to escape. He later is entangled in a lawsuit and sent to prison. In prison there are all kinds of people, one of them is a mob boss who not only controls the underworld businesses outside but also has officials in his pocket to support him. Yeung Chung wholeheartedly wants to eliminate this person, unfortunately......[from Next Magazine] Chinese title suggests it might be a sequel to Island of Fire.