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The Last Duel (1981)
Word by Word: Brave Man Stops Brave Man
Wu Tang Liquid Sword Collection VHS Title: Dark Skinned Assassin
Alias: Hero vs Hero
Country: Taiwan
Genre: Martial Arts 
  Ling Yun (2)
Action Director
  Su Chen-Ping
  Alan Wu Yu-Ling
Tai Seng DVD Cover
  Barry Chan ... Lu Xiao-Fung
  Ling Yun (2) ... Ximen Chei-Shue
  Nora Miao Ke-Hsiu ... Shao Ye
  Hsu Feng ... Ye Lin
  Tin Yau    
  Cheung Paang ... Ku Yun-Fei
  Miu Ga-Kei    
  Shao Pei-Ling    
  Lu I-Chan    
  Chan Wai-Lau    
  Ma Cheung (1)    
  Li Jian-Ping (1)    
  Guan Ma-Li    
  Xiao Bu    
  Ching Kuo-Chung    
  Mau Ging-Shun    
  Cliff Ching Ching    
  Siu Gam    
  Ngai Chi-Wong    
  Pui Tak-Wan    
Production Manager
  Wu Wu-Fu
Assistant Director
  Go Lim-Gwok
  Ku Long
Assistant Action Director
  Wong Chung-Yue

Lu Shao Fung and Seeman Chelsea start a sword duel over one of the men's wives. Lu pursues Seeman, but loses him. This leads him to spend time in Death Villa, where he is both welcomed and challenged. Death Villa is run by a mysterious man who wears a cane basket on his head, with a bead curtain covering his face. He recruits Lu into his evil scheme....