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Shao Pei-Ling  ♀
Aliases:  Siu Pui-Ling,  Shaw Pei-Ling
Born: December 9th, 1957

Filmography (1973-1981)
  Actor (16 films)
    Chinese Kung Fu and Acupuncture (1973) ... Wu's sister
    Walking in the Sunset (1978)    
    Lover on the Wave (1978)    
    Love's Many Faces (1978)    
    Love Under a Rosy Sky (1979) ... Ya-Li
    All's Well That Does Well (1979)    
    Precarious Destiny (1979)    
    The Marigolds (1980)    
    Kung-Fu of Eight Drunkards (1980) ... Cousin Tung Tung
    Free or Die (1980)    
    Fight for Glory (1980)    
    The Deadly Sword (1980)    
    The Love Story in Chi-kan Tower (1980)    
    The Clouds Know Your Name (1981)    
    The Last Duel (1981)    
    The Blind Girl And Dog (1981)    
  Sister of Shao Pei-Yu