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蕭玉  ♂
Hsiao Yu

Ten Tigers of Kwangtung (1979)

The Magnificent Ruffians (1979)
Deadly Valley's thug
The Kid with the Golden Arm (1979)

Shaolin Rescuers (1979)

The Daredevils (1979)

To Kill a Mastermind (1979)
Shang Jr, whose mother is training him for revenge against Hu Yidao and Miao Renfeng.
Legend of the Fox (1980)

Two Champions of Shaolin (1980)

The Rebel Intruders (1980)

The Kid with a Tattoo (1980)

The Flag of Iron (1980)

Masked Avengers (1981)

Return of the Sentimental Swordsman (1981)

Bloody Parrot (1981)

The Prodigal Son (1981)

Sword Stained with Royal Blood (1981)

Sword Stained with Royal Blood (1981)

The Brave Archer and His Mate (1982)

House of Traps (1982)

Perils of the Sentimental Swordsman (1982)

Five Element Ninjas (1982)

Cat Vs. Rat (1982)
Project A (1983)

Tales of a Eunuch (1983)

Portrait in Crystal (1983)

Demon of the Lute (1983)

Modern Detective (1985)
The Blonde Fury (1989)