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Chen Chiu  ♂

Hero of the Heroes (1968)

Escorts Over Tiger Hill (1969)

Redbeard (1971)

A Story of ''Lou Bo-Wen'' (1971)

Duel in the Tiger Den (1972)

The Fist That Kills (1972)

Execution in Autumn (1972)

Iron Punch Contest (1973)

Woman of the Night (1973)

The Hot Pursuit (1974)

Return of the Valuables (1975)

The Life God (1975)
Along Comes a Tiger (1977)
Japanese officer
Heroes of the Eastern Skies (1977)

The Shaolin Kids (1977)

Two Assassins of the Darkness (1977)

My Blade, My Life (1978)

Born Invincible (1978)

The Battle of Guningtou (1979)

The Eagle King (1979)

Ten Brothers of Shaolin (1979)

Bruce Vs Bill (1981)