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Chan Lo-Wah
Aliases:  Chan Lau-Hua

Filmography (1947-1965)
  Actor (102 films)
    Hot-tempered Liang's Adventure in Hong Kong (1947)    
    War Criminal No. 1 (1947)    
    The Faithful Wife and Lascivious Woman (1948)    
    The Villain (1948)    
    Twelve Beauties Pavilion (1948)    
    Wealth Is Like a Dream (1948) ... Yu Fung-Ha
    Fang Shiyu's Nine Battles at Emei Hill (1949)    
    Xishi - The Ancient Beauty (1949)    
    The Blood-Soaked Tomb (1949) ... Chan Yuk-King
    The Story of Wong Fei-Hung (Part 2) (1949)    
    Xue Gang's Adventure in the Lantern Festival (1949)    
    A Quarrelsome Couple (1949) ... Wah Fung
    Strange Bedfellows (1949) ... Maid
    The Story of Wong Fei-Hung (Part 1) (1949) ... Lau Suk-Fong
    Fragment of a Tearful Song (1950)    
    Blood, Rouge and Tears (1950) ... Lilly
    Bird on the Wing (1950) ... To Kuen-Hung
    How the Young Heroes of Guanghong Shattered the Lotus Militia (1950)    
    The Battle Between a Brave Lad of Guangdong and the Girl Bodyguard (1950)    
    Prince Ciyun Flees His Country (1950)    
    Blooms and Butterflies (1950)    
    Life's Blessing Complete (1950)    
    Magic of Tiger Dragon (1950)    
    Love Tears of a Buddhist Recluse (1950)    
    Ciyun's Farewell in Storm and Fire (Part 2) (1950)    
    The Story of Wong Fei-Hung (Part 5) (1951)    
    A Hall Packed with Riches (1951) ... Siu Ling
    Third-master Sha (1951) ... Ah Kiu, servant
    Plum-Blossom in the Snow (1951) ... Sister Wah
    How Leung Tin-Loi Was Thrice Beaten Up by Ling Kwai-Hing (Part 1) (1951) ... Tin-Loi's wife
    The Silver World of Stardom (1951) ... -
    Red and White Gold Dragons (Part 2) (1951)    
    Red and White Gold Dragons (Part 1) (1951)    
    This Glamorous Life (1951) ... Lam Yee-Ha
    Camille's Tears (1951)    
    How Leung Tin-Loi Was Thrice Beaten Up By Ling Kwai-Hing (Part 2) (1951) ... Tin-Loi's wife
    The Battle Between Fang Shiyu and the Flying Hero of Guangdong (1951)    
    Why Not Return? (1951)    
    A Pretty Girl's Favours (1951) ... Cheung Yuk-Zhen
    The Brave Archer (1951)    
    Stooge Hero and Beautiful Siren (1952)    
    How the Red Maid Thrice Mocked Cheung Kwun-Shui (1952)    
    The Dunce Attends a Birthday Party (1952)    
    Leifong Pagoda (1952)    
    Heroine in Red (1952)    
    The Ghost That Created an Uproar in Guangchanglong (1952)    
    Yang Naiwu and Xiao Baicai (1952)    
    Delivering Winter Clothes at Night (1952)    
    Emperor Guang Xu's Nocturnal Lament (1952)    
    Paying Nocturnal Mourning to White Lotus (1952) ... Ah Lai
    Story of the Wronged Wife (1952)    
    An Extraordinary Hero, Black Swirling Wind (1952)    
    Liang Shanbo's Second Meeting with Zhu Yingtai (1952)    
    Birong Pays a Visit to Prison (1952)    
    How a Sixteen-year-old Girl Married a One-year-old Husband (1952)    
    The Red House by the Sea (1952) ... Third concubine
    Fang Shiyu Challenges the Boxing-Stage Champion (Part 2) (1952)    
    Beautiful Matching (1952)    
    Top Singers Two (1952)    
    Yeung Nai-mo and Little Cabbage: The Trial of Yeung Nai-mo (1952)    
    The Twelve Beauties (1952)    
    Three Good Fellas (1952) ... Mrs Leung
    Palace Efang on Fire (1952)    
    Wife in the Morning, Sister-in-Law at Night (1952)    
    Money Will Come Somehow (1952)    
    My Love Under the Silvery Lamp (1952)    
    The Ill-fated Woman (1953)    
    Pearl Pagoda (Part 2) (1953)    
    Pearl Pagoda (Part 1) (1953)    
    How Sima's Lute Song Won the Widow's Heart (1953)    
    Playboy Emperor (1953)    
    Hai Tanghong (1953)    
    Heroes Revenge (1953)    
    The Young Heros (1953)    
    The Mad Monk by the Sea (1953)    
    Peace to All Generations (1953)    
    Why Not Return? (1953)    
    Stealing Chickens to Help Mother (1953)    
    All Acquaintances Are Single (1953)    
    Love Affairs of the Opera Master (1953) ... Hong Yan
    Success Follows Sorrow (1954)    
    Autumn Romance (1954)    
    Good and Evil Have Their Own Rewards (1954)    
    The Magic Jade Fan (1955)    
    The Five Tiger Heroes (1955) ... Ah Kuen
    My Poor Younger Sister (1955)    
    Heroine of a Hundred Faces (1955)    
    The True Story of Wong Fei-Hung (1955)    
    Silver Phoenix (1955)    
    How Four Heroes from Guangdong Stormed the Pagoda of Pomegranate Flowers (1955)    
    How Fifth Madam Chiu Went a Thousand Miles in Search of Her Husband (1955)    
    The Boat Girl Sues the King (1956)    
    The Kunlun Girl Steals the Red Scarf by Night (1956)    
    She's Not the Real Lady (1956)    
    Journey to the West (1956)    
    Ninty-Nine Bloody Cases (1956)    
    Moonlight (1956)    
    The Smart Girl (1956)    
    The Heroine Yu Kam-Fung (1956)    
    Flying Swordsman of the Plum Blossom (1957)    
    Two Sisters (1963)    
    Inside the Forbidden City (1965) ... Midwife Yu