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Cheng Wai-Sum  ♂
Aliases:  Jeng Wai-Sam,  Cheng Wai-Sam

Filmography (1949-1965)
  Actor (74 films)
    Romance Everywhere (1949) ... Tse Chi-Ko
    The Net of Justice (1950) ... Pak-Wah
    How Inspector Daisen Shattered the Strange Cloaks Gang (1950)    
    Lady Liu and Snobbish Chao (1950)    
    Autumn Tombs (1951)    
    Weep for the Fallen Petals (1951)    
    Zhang Junrui Murders Jia Baoyu for Love (1951)    
    The Silver World of Stardom (1951)    
    This Glamorous Life (1951) ... Lau Sum
    Gay Bower in Spring (1951)    
    A Sad Tale of Rainbow Robes (1951) ... Man Si-Mang
    The Merry Lovers (1951) ... Tang Tsi-Wah
    The Storm of Life (1951)    
    Two Foolish Heroes (1952)    
    Amorous Happenings in the Splendid Hall (1952)    
    Cheung, the Dragon Boatman (1952)    
    Wealth Gone Like a Dream (1952)    
    How the Red Maid Thrice Mocked Cheung Kwun-Shui (1952)    
    Beautiful Matching (1952)    
    Back Stage Lovers (1952)    
    Top Singers Two (1952)    
    Money Will Come Somehow (1952)    
    Never Ended Night (1952) ... Tso Mong-Ko
    Red and White Peonies (1952)    
    Baogong's Judgement of the Real and Fake Emperor Guang Xu (1952)    
    Four Sirens (1952) ... King
    Delivering Winter Clothes at Night (1952)    
    Paying Nocturnal Mourning to White Lotus (1952) ... Woo San
    Soul of the Tiger (1952)    
    The Flight of the Swallow (1953) ... Chou Hoi-Tien
    Never Too Late (1953)    
    The Ox Pulls the Plough While the Horse Eats the Grain (1953)    
    The Valiant Dog Saves Its Master (1953) ... Cheung Tsi-Wan
    How Wong Fei-Hung Defeated Three Bullies with a Rod (1953) ... Ling Wan-Kai
    The Crushed Flower (1953)    
    Money Is the Root of All Evil (1953)    
    Swallows' Return (1953) ... Lee Tin-Shing
    The Oppressors (1953)    
    A Schoolar's Love-Song (1953)    
    Brother in Bloodshed (1954)    
    Lady Red Leaf (1954)    
    Appeal Made by a Faithful Dog (1954)    
    The Story of Wong Fei-Hung and Lam Sai-Wing (1954) ... Ling Wan-Kai
    From Marriage to Monastery (1954)    
    Wong Fei-Hung Tries His Shadowless Kick (1954)    
    Beautiful Crab Apple Flower (1954)    
    Keep Praying to Buddha, but No More Tears (1954)    
    Hopes and Aspirations (1954)    
    The Phantom of the Opera Boat (1954)    
    When Beauty Fades from the Twelve Ladies' Bower (1954)    
    Backyard Adventures (1955) ... Policeman
    The Brave Eight (1955)    
    As Luck Will Have It (1955) ... Tse Yuk-Tong
    The Full Moon (1955)    
    Silver Phoenix (1955)    
    Story of Iron Monkey, The Concluding Episode (1955)    
    The Golden-Thread Butterfly (1955)    
    Story of Iron Monkey, The Sequel (1955)    
    The Nine-finger Devil (1955)    
    Flying Spider (1955)    
    Iron-Monkey (1955)    
    Moving House (1955)    
    Hong Xiguan and Third Madam of Yongchun (1956)    
    Life and Death Together (1956)    
    Lei Zhensheng's Many Adventures (1956) ... Pak Tin-Ying
    The Boat Girl Sues the King (1956)    
    The Smart Girl (1956)    
    Magistrate on Trial (1960)    
    Grievance of a Virtuous Lady (1960)    
    The Revenge of a Forlorn Wife (1960)    
    Finally We Meet Again (1961)    
    Losin's Case (1961)    
    Blundering But Lucky (1965) ... Ma Tin-Choi
    Loyalty (1965)