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Yao Pai-Hsueh
Yiu Baak-Suet,  Yao Pei-Hsieh,  Yao Pai-Hsuie,  Yao Pai-Sheue,  Yao Bae-Shieh
Filmography (1976-1983)
  Producer (14 films)
    The Wedding of Chung Kuei's Sister (1976)    
    Love Stories (1977)    
    Love Across the Bridge (1977)    
    The Invincible Kung Fu Trio (1977)    
    Lover on the Wave (1978)    
    Young Lovers (1978)    
    Everywhere Birds Are Singing (1978)    
    The Choice of Love (1979)    
    Those Days in the Heaven (1980)    
    Don't Forget the Promise (1980)    
    Special Treatment (1980)    
    The Clouds Know Your Name (1981)    
    Cheerful Wind (1981)    
    Buddha (1983)    
  Planning (1 film)
    The Invisible Terrorist (1976)    
  Presenter (3 films)
    Lover on the Wave (1978)    
    Green Green Grass of Home (1982)    
    Student and Bar Girl (1982)