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Hsia Kuan-Hua
Aliases:  Hsia Chun Hwa,  Ha Kwan-Wah
Filmography (1962-1994)
  Cinematographer (1 film)
    Mine Weather Son (1962)    
  Lighting (19 films)
    Jiang Ziya Leaves Mountain (Finale) (1962)    
    Crazy Swordsman (1968)    
    Black Invitation (1969)    
    The Ammunition Hunters (1971)    
    The Fake Tycoon (1971)    
    Love in a Cabin (1972)    
    Four Winds (1972)    
    How Is the Weather Today (1973)    
    Love, Love, Love (1974)    
    The Big Raid (1974)    
    A Piano (1975)    
    Autumn Love Song (1976)    
    The Love Affair of Rainbow (1977)    
    A Teacher of Great Soldiers (1979)    
    Portrait of a Fanatic (1982)    
    The Gift of A Fu (1984)    
    A Piggy Tale (1991)    
    Rebels of the Neon God (1992)    
    Eat Drink Man Woman (1994)