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Lam Fung (1)  ♀
Aliases:  Patrica Lam Fung,  Lam Foong,  Lin Feng,  Patricia Lam Fung,  Lim Fung
Born: 1940 - Died: August 28th, 1976

Filmography (1948-1990)
  Actor (154 films)
    Underground Maze (1948)    
    The Marriage Between the Quick and the Dead (1957)    
    The Fairy Sleeves (1957)    
    Sweet Girl in Terror (1958) ... Lee Suk Kan
    Princess Jade Lotus (1958) ... Princess King-Lin/Jade Lotus
    A Virtuous Girl from a Humble House (1958)    
    A Pretty Girl's Love Affair (1958)    
    The Fragrance of Durians (1959)    
    Bride from Another Town (1959) ... Chun Siu Yin
    Glass Slippers (1959)    
    Love on the Lonely Bridge (1959)    
    Young Rock (1959) ... Dani Lau
    A Helping Hand (1960)    
    A Night of Thrills (1960)    
    The Greenhorn in Love (1960)    
    Love and Chastity (1960)    
    The Sleeping Beauty (1960)    
    Secret Agent: The Swallow (1960) ... Fa Yim Kiu
    Love Knot (Part 2) (1960)    
    Love Knot (Part 1) (1960)    
    The Pursuers (1960)    
    The Ever-blooming Waterlilies (1960)    
    Women Are Angels (1960)    
    When the Poles Meet (1961)    
    Heroes of the Age (1961)    
    Romance and the Adventure of Roza (1961)    
    Lost Girl (1961)    
    Third Master Sha and His Charming Maid (1961)    
    Manhunt (1961)    
    Love on the Mount (1961)    
    Twin Swords (Part 2) (1961)    
    The Sinner of Love (1961)    
    Bo King Shun Kong (1961)    
    Public Spirited Lovers (Part 1) (1961) ... Yau-Lan
    Fan to Remember (1961)    
    Twin Swords (Part 1) (1961)    
    Double Date (1962) ... Man Wan-Wai
    The Adventure of a Stage-fan (1962) ... Ah Lien
    Midnight Terror (1962)    
    This Merry World (1962)    
    The Mysterious Murderer (1962) ... Wai Bo-Ping
    Temporary Couple (1962)    
    Awaiting the Husband to Return on a Pavilion (1962)    
    Thief Captures Thief (1962)    
    Romance in the Manor House (1962)    
    The Prayer of Tears (1962)    
    A Smile for a Kingdom (1962) ... Bo Chi
    Chain Murder (1962) ... Kong Siu-ha, Cheung Suk-fun
    When 3 Sons-in-law Come Home (1962)    
    Trauma Under the Car (1962) ... Chan Lai-Fun
    Our Adopted Daughter (1962)    
    7 Playful Women (1962)    
    Waiting for the Prodigal Son to Return (1962)    
    The Princess and the 7 Little Heroes (1962)    
    Murder in the Car (1962) ... Wong Lai-Ping, Wong So-Wah
    Filial Son's Treasure-hunt (1962) ... Choi-Lin
    Beauty in a Fallen City (1962)    
    Public Spirited Lovers (Part 2) (1962)    
    Two City Girls (1963) ... Fan Kam-Ping
    A Gimmicky World (1963)    
    Good Fortune of a Fool (1963) ... Wai Suet-Fong
    Forever Together (1963) ... Fong Yuet-Mei
    Murder at the Pier (1963)    
    The World Is a Big Family (1963)    
    A Girl Named Leng Chau-Mei Concluding Episode (1963)    
    Murder in a Deserted House (1963)    
    A Girl Named Leng Chau-Mei, Part One (1963)    
    Wife and Mistress in the Same House (1963) ... Anna/On Loh
    The Young Boss of the Factory (1963)    
    Crying Over Chau Hei (1963)    
    Horror in a Girl's Room (1963)    
    The Wonderful Years (1963)    
    The Spy (1963)    
    Mythical Crane, Evil Dragon (1963)    
    Story of Lee Sin (1963) ... Lee Sin
    A Woman's Sad Story (Part 1) (1963) ... Suk-Chun
    Miss Qiu Feng (Part 2) (1963)    
    Miss Qiu Feng (Part 1) (1963)    
    The Eight Fairies' Adventure in the Eastern Sea (1963)    
    A Wealthy Family (1963) ... Tung Mei/Tung May
    Head for Sale (1963)    
    A Fair Lifemate (1963) ... Chun Lan-Ying
    Crying Over Chau Hei (1963)    
    The Quarrelsome Lovers (1963) ... Wong Mei Ling
    A Stingy Fellow (1963) ... Kong Ying
    A Woman's Sad Story (Part 2) (1963)    
    Buddha's Palm (Part 3) (1964)    
    What Now My Love (1964)    
    My Four Children (Part 2) (1964) ... Ting Lai-Ngo
    My Four Children (Part 1) (1964) ... Ting Lai-Ngo
    Heroes' Love (1964) ... Cheung Bik-Wan, Cheung Siu-wan
    Queen of the Marketplace (1964)    
    Long Live My Wife (1964) ... Lau Yin-Hung
    The Naughty Girl Teases Her Husband (1964) ... San Hui Shan
    A Girl's Tears (1964)    
    The Prince of the Magic Sword (1964)    
    The Invisible Lucky Star (1964) ... Mei-Mei
    Buddha's Palm (Part 2) (1964) ... Yuk-Gyun
    Buddha's Palm (Part 1) (1964)    
    My Darling Children and Grandchildren (1964)    
    The Tomb of the Roses (Part 1) (1964)    
    The 9 Phoenixes of the City (1964)    
    The Big Circus (1964) ... Huang Man Na
    Beautiful Heaven (1964) ... Ting Yuet-Sheung
    The Tomb of the Roses (Part 2) (1964)    
    All Are Happy (1964)    
    Yinhai Scenery (1964)    
    Man Bites Dog (1964)    
    The Fake Husband (1964)    
    Buddha's Palm (Part 4) (1964)    
    The Frightened Bird (1964) ... Cheung Chin-Ping
    Women's Hearts (1965) ... Tsui Yeuk-lan
    A Mysterious Murder (1965) ... Lee Mei-Po/Mabel
    Yearning for You (1965)    
    Three Lady Musketeers (1965)    
    The Young Boss Who Pulls Rickshaw (1965)    
    Heaven, Hell, Crystal Palace (1965)    
    Triple Romance (1965) ... Chow So-Lan
    Playful Young Folks (1965)    
    Standard Husband (1965) ... Lui Chau Kun
    The Skeleton Tower Under the Sea (Part 2) (1965)    
    The Skeleton Tower Under the Sea (Part 1) (1965)    
    The Legend of Eight Heroes (Part 2) (1965)    
    The Legend of Eight Heroes (Part 1) (1965)    
    Aunt Ping (Part 1) (1965) ... Lee Pui-Ying
    Family Doctrine (Part 2) (1965)    
    Aunt Ping (Part 2) (1965) ... Lee Pui-Ying
    Good Luck (1965)    
    The Vulture and the Heroine (1965)    
    Family Doctrine (Part 2) (1965)    
    Family Doctrine (Part 1) (1965) ... Cheung Mo-Yee
    There's a Dead Body in the Case (1965) ... Wong Man-Seung
    Tears of a Plum Blossom (1965)    
    Dial 999 for the Three Murderers (1965) ... Ngai Yee-Wah
    The Blood-Stained Butterly Mountain (1965) ... Sam-fung, Yan-yan
    The Three Sisters (Part 2) (1965)    
    The Three Sisters (Part 1) (1965)    
    The Golden Ring (1966) ... Wan Sin Yi
    Who Is More Beautiful? (1966)    
    The Eighteen Darts (Part 2) (1966)    
    The Eighteen Darts (Part 1) (1966)    
    Green Is the Grass (1966) ... Kwok Fung Chu
    Golden Monk (1966)    
    Eight Dieties (1966) ... Immortal Woman Ho
    Goddess of Mercy (1966)    
    The Merry Matrimony (1966) ... Mak Siu-Chu
    Treasure of Diamonds (1966) ... Chong Ma-Lei/Mary
    Young Love (1967) ... Pei Di
    The Butterfly Legend (1967)    
    The Full Moon (1967) ... Fong Siu-Ying
    The Long Journey Home (1967) ... Chui Hoi Lee
    The Imperial Warrant (1968)    
    Their Private Lives (1978)    
    Kung Fu Vs. Acrobatic (1990) ... Woman in intro (From Buddah's Palm 1964)
  b.1940 d. 8.28.1976

Lam joined Shaw brothers in 1957 and became famous with the film The Country Girl. In the space of two years she became a super star and Shaw Brothers publications often called her The Pride of Shaw Brothers. The company also set up a fan club for her and it was said that up to thirty thousand people joined the club. Starting from 1958, Wah Kiu Man Po, a local Evening newspaper held a contest called Best Ten Stars Award. Lam was elected Best Star for nine years running. Altogether she made 30 films for Shaw Brothers, amongst which are Sweet Girl in Terror, Glass Slippers, The Merdeka Bridge, When Durians Bloom, The Legend of Lee Heung Kwan and so on. She later made over one hundred movies as a freelance actress. They include Beauty in a Fallen City, Double Date,Temporary Couple, Buddha's Palm, Two City Girls and Queen of the Market Place. Lam married and retired in 1967. In 1976 she took her own life.

- Hong Kong Tourism Board

From www.gstage.com

August 27 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the suicide of Patricia Lam Fung, one of the most beautiful stars to ever grace the Hong Kong screen. Back in the days when Shaw Brothers produced both Mandarin and Cantonese pictures, Lam was the undisputed "golden girl" (or "yuk nui" - -literally, "jade girl") of their Cantonese division, and even after leaving Shaws remained among the most popular actresses in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, and anywhere Cantonese films had a following.

Born in 1939, Lam made her debut in 1957 and within a year had risen to the very top of big screen celebrity. Capitalizing on her youthful image, many of her films had "jade girl" in the title, and her fan club, whose name literally translates as "The Jade Girl's Friendship League," had 30,000 members at its peak. She made the annual "ten most popular stars" list nine years in a row, up until her retirement at age 27 in 1966.

By then she had proved herself equally adept at classical and modern roles, formed her own film and fashion companies, and appeared in over 100 movies.

Lam chose marriage and motherhood over career, and by all accounts led a life of luxury. At the time of her death in 1976, the 37-year-old celebrity reportedly owned three houses and had US$3 million in the bank. The press had a field day speculating as to whether or not Lam's sleeping pill overdose was intentional, and all the rumors had something to do with the ageing star's appearance. Some hypothesized it was suicide induced by a botched plastic surgery operation. Others said it was a fatal but inadvertent mixture of sleeping tablets and either diet medicine or painkillers necessitated by cosmetic surgery. Just as Lin Dai's son met a young and tragic end, Lam Fung"s son was murdered in 1999, 23 years after his mothers death. It was a sad coda to the unhappy saga of Hong Kongs "jade girl."