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Fanny Fan Lai  ♀
Aliases:  Fan Hui-Juan,  Wan Li-Hong,  Maan Lee-Hung,  Fan Li,  Man Lee-Hung
Born: October 16th, 1940

Filmography (1956-1969)
  Actor (44 films)
    Lei Zhensheng's Many Adventures (1956) ... Luk Siu-Kuen
    Pearl of the Island (1957)    
    A Virtuous Girl from a Humble House (1958)    
    A Pretty Girl's Love Affair (1958)    
    Crime of Passion in the Hotel (1958)    
    Murder on a Wedding Night (1958) ... Pan Lai-Ching
    The Pink Murder (1959) ... Wu Zhi-Fang
    Behind the Hidden Scene (1959)    
    Enchanted Melody (1959)    
    Kiss Me Again (1960)    
    Oriole, the Heroine (1960) ... Wu Nga
    Till the Clouds Roll by (1961)    
    Kiss for Sale (1961)    
    Les Belles (1961) ... Mei Mei
    All the Best (1961) ... Miss Chin
    The Golden Trumpet (1961)    
    The Fair Sex (1961) ... Wu Yan Na
    The Pistol (1961) ... Miss Jin/Chin
    The Mid-Nightmare (1962)    
    Bitter Sweet (1963)    
    Love Parade (1963) ... Swim suit model
    Mid-Nightmare (Part 2) (1963)    
    Black Forest (1964) ... Tsui Niang
    Magnificent Trio (1966) ... Xiao Qing
    The Golden Gun (1966)    
    Gold Button (1966)    
    The Mating Season (1966) ... Qian Qian
    The Golden Buddha (1966) ... No.4 of Skeleton Gang
    A Debt of Blood (1966) ... Ma Xiu-Zhen
    The Blue Bees (1967)    
    Bomb in Pink (1967)    
    The White Swan (1967)    
    Little Matchmaker (1967)    
    Angel with the Iron Fists (1967) ... Dolly (Dark Angel B1)
    Summons to Death (1967) ... Ying Nian
    Passion (1967)    
    Young Love (1967) ... Su Fei Au
    You Are the One I Love (1967) ... Lau Oi-Chi
    Golden Sword Killer (1968)    
    Travels with a Sword (1968) ... Sai Sze-Sze
    Eight Robbers (1968) ... Chang Ming-Ming
    King's Sword (1968) ... Wadina
    Diary of a Lady-Killer (1969) ... Liu Ming-Hua
    The Twin Swords (1969)    
  Born in 1940, she entered the movie world in 1957 after winning a beauty pageant, but after three years hadn't made much progress. In 1959 she entered Shaw Brothers' Cantonese film division and, under the name Wan Li-Hong, starred in "Behind the Hidden Scene". But her career didn't really take off until she entered Sahw Brothers' Mandarin film division and with a new name, Fanny Fan, became a star with "The Pink Murder" (1959). Her voluptuous figure and naughty roles led to the nickname "Oriental Brigitte Bardot", and her sexy performance in "The Golden Buddha" (1966) created a minor sensation. She retired from the screen upon her marriage in the late 1960's.

From the Celestial DVD release of "Les Belles".

As Maan Lee-Hung

Crime of Passion in the Hotel (1958) A Pretty Girl's Love Affair (1958) A Virtuous Girl From a Humble House (1958) Behind the Hidden Scene (1959) Oriole, the Heroine (1960)