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Ou-Yang Ching  ♂
Aliases:  Gin Oy,  Au-Yeung Ching,  Ou-Yang Gin,  Ou-Yang Jing,  Jin Auyeung,  MC Jin,  MC Jin Au-Yeung,  Jing Au-Yeung,  Jin
Born: June 4th, 1982

Filmography (2005-2016)
  Actor (9 films)
    Reflections (2005) ... Jin
    Split Second Murders (2009) ... Chief Editor Mr Chan
    Gallants (2010) ... Chung Shen Mang
    Bruce Lee, My Brother (2010) ... Black Cat / Unicorn Chan
    Turning Point 2 (2011) ... Yeung Lap Ching
    Revenge of the Green Dragons (2014)    
    Maverick (2015) ... Hui Min
    Buddy Cops (2016) ... Drug squad guy
    New York, New York (2016) ... Chinatown gangster boss
  Noted rapper commonly known as MC Jin and Jin Auyeung.