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Xiao Wen (1)  ♀
Aliases:  Xiaowen,  Hsiao Wen,  Tsai Hui-Fang
Born: October 12th, 1935 - Died: February 21st, 1997

Filmography (1950-1960)
  Actor (32 films)
    Tang Bohu's Seduction of Qiuxiang (1950)    
    The Phoenix Returns to the Nest (1951)    
    The Romance of Lychee and Mirror (Part 1) (1954)    
    The Romance of Lychee and Mirror (Part 2) (1954)    
    The Romance of Lychee and Mirror (Part 3) (1954)    
    Goddess of Mercy (1954)    
    Snake Beauties, Part One (1954)    
    Snake Beauties, Part Two (1954)    
    Lovers Who Have Survived a Turmoil (1955)    
    Lotus Nunnery (1955)    
    Xue Mei Teaches Her Son (1955)    
    Judge Bao Judges Yueying (1955)    
    Love's Obligation (1955)    
    An'an Searches for His Mother (1956)    
    The Phoenix Returns Home (1956)    
    Lianli Gives Birth to Han Qi (1956)    
    Madam Zhan Dian Sues (1956)    
    Romance of Western Chamber (Remake) (1956)    
    A Couple of Seven Lives (1957)    
    A Filial Daughter Avenges for Her Father (1957)    
    Invisible Female Knight (1957)    
    Third Madam Teaches Her Son (1957)    
    Dashun, the Farmer (1958)    
    Teddy Girls (1958)    
    The Orphan Saves (1958)    
    An Embroidered Shoe (1958)    
    Girl from Amoy (1959)    
    Bewitched by Women and Avarice (1959)    
    The Illegitimate Husband (1959)    
    Pregnant and Unmarried (1959)    
    Stolen Banknotes (1959)    
    Money in My Heart (1960)    
  Brother: Tsai Chin-Kuo

First husband: Hu Tong