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Chang Kuo-Chu  ♂
Aliases:  Cheung Kwok-Chue,  Cheung Gwok-Chue,  Cheong Kwok-Chu,  Cheung Kwok-Chu,  John Chang,  Zhang Guo-Zhu
Born: September 17th, 1948

Filmography (1974-2017)
  Actor (64 films)
    Naughty! Naughty! (1974)    
    Painted Waves of Love (1976)    
    News from the Star (1977)    
    Third Prince Na Cha (1978)    
    The Butterfly Murders (1979) ... Master Shum
    Your Smiling Face (1979)    
    I Sing I Cry (1979)    
    Living and Loving (1980) ... Yu Ping Kang
    The River Never Return (1980)    
    Bird in Rain (1980)    
    Love Massacre (1981) ... Chu Chung
    The Blind Girl And Dog (1981)    
    Helpless Taste (1982)    
    Torrid Wave (1982)    
    Return of the Electric Love (1982)    
    Funny People (1982)    
    The Devil Fox (1982)    
    The Fool Life (1982)    
    Dark Trap (1982)    
    Lady Piranha (1982)    
    Killer Rose (1982)    
    Let's Make Laugh (1983) ... Lei Chi Chih
    Red Panther (1983) ... Dr Chu
    I Do! (1983) ... Wai Lap
    Last Affair (1983)    
    Wrong Wedding Trail (1984) ... Aerobics instructor
    Winner Takes All? (1984) ... Robbery gang leader
    Lust from Love of a Chinese Courtesan (1984) ... Xiao Ye
    The Other Side of Gentleman (1984) ... Prof. Cheung
    An Amorous Woman of Tang Dynasty (1984) ... Auyang
    The Killer's Elegy (1984)    
    Twisted Love (1985) ... Simon Ma
    Tong Chee Yi Li Nan (1985) ... Cheng Hsie
    Let's Make Laugh II (1985) ... John
    Ninja Dragon (1985) ... [DARK TRAP footage]
    The Kinmen Bombs (1986)    
    Dark Night (1986) ... Huang Cheng-Teh
    The Yesman (1986)    
    The Nobles (1989) ... Director Cheung
    The Cruel Kind (1989)    
    Funny Ghost (1989) ... Officer Chan
    Mission Recall (1990)    
    Island of Fire (1990) ... Seng
    A Woman and Seven Husbands (1990)    
    The Stone Age Warriors (1991) ... Hiroshi Nakamura
    A Brighter Summer Day (1991) ... Si'er's father
    Handsome Siblings (1992) ... Master Kong Pi Hawk
    Butterfly Sword (1993) ... Eunuch Tsao/Li Shu Tin
    Emotional Girl - Doubt of Distress (1993) ... Stephen Cheung
    Shaolin Popey (1994) ... Mr Pi
    Mahjong (1996) ... Red Fish's father
    L'Air Du Temps (1997)    
    Four Chefs and a Feast (1999)    
    Born Wild (2001) ... Ho Chuen
    Ballistic (2008) ... Zhengbei
    The Blue Cornflower (2010)    
    The Drunkard (2010) ... Mr Lau
    Driverless (2010) ... Li Xin's father
    The Next Miracle (2011) ... Rocky's father
    The Killer Who Never Kills (2011) ... Uncle Quan
    Black & White - The Dawn of Justice (2014)    
    On Air (2014)    
    Cold War 2 (2016) ... Peter Choi
    Missing Johnny (2017)    
  With a Xijiang lineage, Chang's acting debut was the 1963 film ''Sixteen Years of Love and Hate'', and he tried his hands on various genres, including romance, costume drama, melodrama, horror and comedy. Chang joined Shaw Brothers in 1980, and starred in ''An Amorous Woman of Tang Dynasty'' in 1984, which got him nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the 4th Hong Kong Film Awards. His fellow cast member Lam Hoi-Ling also received a Best Supporting Actress nom. The next year, Chang starred in Alfred Cheung's second film ''Let's Make Laugh'' and Cecilia Yip's husband, together with Chan Friend and Kenny Bee. Chang is currently working in various TV drama series and films across China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. From the Celestial DVD release of ''Lust for Love of a Chinese Courtesan''.

Father of Chang Chen and Chang Han.