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Yang Yueh-Fan  ♂
Aliases:  Yeung Yut-Fan,  Yue Fan

Filmography (1956-1971)
  Actor (44 films)
    Hsueh Ping-Kuei and Wang Pao-Chuan (1956)    
    Murder at Room 7, Keelung City (1957)    
    Hsueh Ping-Kuei and Wang Pao-Chuan (Sequel) (1957)    
    Hsueh Ping-Kuei and Wang Pao-Chuan (Chapter Three) (1957)    
    Who's Crime (1957)    
    Black Cat and Black Dog (1958)    
    Really Hard to Realize Beeing Jilted (1958)    
    Who's Crime (Sequel) (1958)    
    Island Girl (1958)    
    Pigsy Rescues vs Leopard (1959)    
    Beggar Chao's Son-in-law (1959)    
    The Sin of a Man (1959)    
    The Sin of a Man (Part 2) (1959)    
    Five Difficult Traps (1962)    
    The Liar Ah Chi, Part II (1962)    
    Good Neighbors (1962) ... Huang Li-Yu
    Ah Ding Disturbs Dance Ensemble (1962)    
    The Liar Ah Chi (1962)    
    Romance at Lung Shan Temple (1962)    
    Scared of Husband (1962)    
    Last Train Out of Kaohsiung (1963)    
    Ximending Boy (1963)    
    Waiting for You Year After Year (1963)    
    One Inch Master (1963)    
    Miss Su Lan Wants to Marry (1963)    
    Living Buddha Ji Gong (1963)    
    Gu Nu Ling Po (1964)    
    Cao Ming Lon Ji Gong (1964)    
    Bride in Hell (1965) ... Housekeeper Mrs. Liu
    Brother Ah Gou and Yi Da (1966)    
    True and False 007 (1966)    
    Tiger Bites Tiger (1966)    
    Spy Red Rose (1966)    
    More Children Let Father Starve (1966)    
    Ma Ma San Ke Pan (1966)    
    Stupid Bride Han Zi-Xu (1967)    
    The Sentimental (1967)    
    Mai Bu Xiong Ge Da Nao Tao Hua Gong (1967)    
    You Get What You Pay For (1968)    
    Go East Go West to Celebrate (1968)    
    Joys of Love on a Spring Night (1969)    
    Kang Ding Walks Taipei (1969)    
    Black Widow's Life (1969)    
    Marriage Problems (1971)