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Aan Jing-Kwok  ♂
Aliases:  Yan Tseng-Kuo,  Yen Chin-Kwok,  Yan Jang-Kuo,  Yen Cheng-Kuo,  Ngai Chai-Kwok,  Yan Ching-Guo
Born: October 10th, 1974

Filmography (1980-2016)
  Actor (29 films)
    China, My Native Land (1980)    
    Cute Girl (1980)    
    Cheerful Wind (1981)    
    Green Green Grass of Home (1982)    
    Ah Fei (1983)    
    Kidnapped (1983) ... Sheau Tsung
    The Sandwich Man (1983) ... 3)
    The Boys from FengKuei (1983)    
    Summer at Grandpa's (1984) ... Kid
    The Express (1984)    
    Second Spring of Mr. Muo (1984)    
    Story of a Bride (1985)    
    Growing Up (1985) ... Bat's brother
    The Young and Old Wanderers (1985)    
    Super Citizen (1985) ... Xiao Sung
    Kung Fu Kids II (1986) ... Ah Kuo
    Kung Fu Kids (1986) ... Ah Kuo
    The Spring Outside of the Fence (1986)    
    Wu Fu Qian Sui Yu Ying Zi Gong (1986)    
    Kung Fu Kids IV (1987) ... Ah-Kuo
    Kung Fu Kids III (1987) ... Ah Kuo
    Kung Fu Kids Part V: The Adventure of Kung Fu Kids (1988) ... Ah Kuo
    Kung Fu Kids Part VI: Enter the Young Dragon (1989) ... Ah Kuo
    Dust of Angels (1992)    
    Goodbye South Goodbye (1996)    
    It Takes Two to Tango (2014)    
    Gatao (2015)    
    Mole of Life (2016)    
    The Big Power (2016)    
  Born in Taipei City, during his childhood Yen Chin Kwok appeared in almost 30 movies, mostly in dramatic roles, standing out in "The Boys From Fengkuei" (1983), "Ah Fei" and "Growing Up" (both from 1985) before the success of the "Kung Fu Kids" film series.