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Cheung Bei-Tak
Aliases:  Cheung Pei-Tak,  Peter Chiang,  Cheung Bei-Dak
Filmography (1987-1991)
  Editor (14 films)
    Reincarnation (1987)    
    You're My Destiny (1987)    
    Mr. Possessed (1988)    
    Carry On Hotel (1988)    
    As Tears Go By (1988)    
    The Haunted Cop Shop II (1988)    
    Seven Warriors (1989)    
    No Way Back (1990)    
    Ghost Legend (1990)    
    The Spooky Family (1990)    
    My Hero (1990)    
    The Good, the Bad and the Bandit (1991)    
    An Eternal Combat (1991)    
    All Mighty Gambler (1991)