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Roel A. Garcia
Roel A. Garcia
Aliases:  Roel.A.Garcia,  Noel A. Garcia
Filmography (1989-1996)
  Composer (13 films)
    Dream of Desire (1989)    
    The Outlaw Brothers (1990)    
    Whampoa Blues (1990)    
    Fun and Fury (1992)    
    A Warrior's Tragedy (1993)    
    Ashes of Time (1994)    
    The Wrath of Silence (1994)    
    Chungking Express (1994)    
    Oh! Yes Sir!!! (1994)    
    Full Throttle (1995)    
    Tragic Commitment (1995)    
    Fallen Angels (1995)    
    How to Meet the Lucky Stars (1996)