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月春鶯  ♀
Yue Chun-Ying
Yueh Chun-Ying,  Liu Yue-Yi

Filmography (1962-1966)
  Production Manager (1 film)
    Knight-Errant Hu Chien-Ming, Sequel (1963)    
  Actor (28 films)
    Beggar Grandma Travels Lingshan (1962)    
    Di Qing Catches Pearl Banner (1962)    
    Five Tiger Ping Nan (1962)    
    Lord You An on Inspection Tour (1963)    
    Li Ya Xian (1963)    
    Tiger Nose Lion (1963)    
    Twelve Widows' Journey to West (1963)    
    Wu Niang Si Jun (1963)    
    Fan Li-Hua Leaves the Mountain the Fourth Time (1963)    
    Ali Baba and the Forty Robbers (1963)    
    Knight-Errant Hu Chien-Ming, Sequel (1963)    
    Final Report of Prince Twins' Return to Country (1963)    
    Knight-Errant Hu Chien-Ming (1963)    
    A Dowry Ox-Cart (1964)    
    Mang Nu Di Xia Si Ling (1964)    
    Knight-Errant Hu Chien-Ming (Part 3) (1964)    
    Three Beautiful Blind Female Spies (1965)    
    Seven Courageous People (1965)    
    Wu Shi Feng Yun (1965)    
    Red Handkerchief (1965)    
    Knight Errand Si Jin-Gang (Sequel) (1965)    
    Mountain Tiger (1965)    
    Thief Black Spider (1965)    
    Knight-Errant Four Chin Kang (Conclusion) (1965)    
    Wandering Knight (1966)    
    Leopard (1966)    
    The Best Secret Agent 4: Fake Couple (1966)    
    Snake Beauty (1966)