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Cinefex Workshop Co., Ltd.

Special Effects
  The Replacement Suspects (2001)
  The Era of Vampires (2002)
  Black Mask II (2002)
  XanDa (2004)
  I Love Maria (1988)
  Three Wishes (1988)
  A Terra-Cotta Warrior (1989)
  The Fun, the Luck and the Tycoon (1990)
  Fatal Termination (1990)
  Armour of God II - Operation Condor (1991)
  Once Upon a Time in China II (1992)
  Once Upon a Time in China III (1993)
  Remains of a Woman (1993)
  Green Snake (1993)
  Happy Family (2002)
Stunts F/X
  Swordsman (1990)
F/X Director
  Kung Fu Vs. Acrobatic (1990)
  Shanghai Grand (1996)
Animation Effects
  Happy Ghost IV (1990)
Special Visual Effects
  Happy Ghost III (1986)
  Peking Opera Blues (1986)
  A Chinese Ghost Story (1987)
  The Big Heat (1988)
  Gunmen (1988)
  The Ultimate Vampire (1991)
  Once Upon a Time in China (1991)
  Dragon Inn (1992)
  The Wicked City (1992)
  The East Is Red (1993)
  Holy Weapon (1993)
  Iron Monkey (1993)
  Black Mask (1996)
F/X Designer
  The Raid (1991)
CGI Effects
  Time and Tide (2000)
  Horror Hotline... Big Head Monster (2001)
Visual Effects
  The Legend of Zu (2001)