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θ—θˆ‡ι»‘(δΈ‹) (1966)
The Blue and the Black (Part 2)

Linda Lin Dai

Guan Shan

Pat Ting Hung

Angela Yu Chien

Wong Ho (1)

Chin Han (1)

Ho Fan (1)

Chiang Kuang-Chao

Kao Pao-Shu

Ching Miao

Wong Chung

Pai Hung (1)

Li Ying (8)

Tien Feng

Chin Feng (1)

Lee Kwan (1)

Chang Pei-Shan

Lee Wan-Chung

Ma Hsiao-Nung

Chen Yan-Yan (1)

Liu Kei (1)

Ku Feng



Pai Hung (1)


Pai Hung (1)

Chiu Sam-Yin

Wang Ruo-Ping

Hung Mei (1)


Elsie Tu Tieh

Jia Ling (1)

Lui Tat