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人約黃昏後 (1951)
Sunset Rendezvous

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 03/02/2004

The story opens with Sin Yue (Pak Yin) having a series of rude encounters with Cheung Ying upon disembarking from a ship. Pak Yin is arriving to live with her uncle (Yee Chau-Sui). There she remeets the rude man Ming, her uncle’s godson. Of course, they fall in love. Her cousin, So-Kam (Lai Yee) is jealous and secretly loves Ming too. Sin Yue is forced to leave the house and falsely claim to love a drunkard cousin, Sun (Fung Ying Sheng), instead. Sin Yue pleads with Ming to run away together but Ming hesitates. When he refuses, she tries to commit suicide but accidently kills Ming instead. There is a tense scene when Sin Yue tries to hide the body from Sun. When the family arrives looking for Ming, she is forced to confess.

The ending where Sin Yue kills herself is not on the vcd, apparently cut by Tai Seng. For some reason, the vcd has been retitled Tragic Romance in the Pavilion on the cover and inserted the new title on a blue screen.

Special marks go to the film for the cinematography. Even in its finale-abbreviated form, the film is quite worth watching. Another fine film from director Ng Wui.

Reviewer Score: 7