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夢情人 (1993)
Hong Kong Eva

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/02/2000
Summary: Not very good

First of all, nudity. This film has lots of it, with four or five lovely young women parading their bodies. The puzzling thing is that only one of these is among the three female stars. Yiu Ching Ching stays fully clothed (so you'll have to suffer through the dreary Emotional Girl to see more of her skin). Lily Lee appears in a few low-cut dresses and a bikini, and is featured pulling down her pantyhose, but you see nothing. Playboy centrefold Ga Ling makes up for it, dropping her rags at the slightest hint.

The acting is mostly woeful. Lily Lee, sad to say, is especially uninsipred, while Ga Ling pretty much repeats the treacherous character she played in Vietnamese Lady, and Yiu is left with almost nothing to do.

What story there is wanders all over the place. It seems to be one of those scripts that was made up along the way. My best guess is that Tong is the central character, but it could be any one of half-a-dozen others. And what begins as harmless nudie nonsense turns abruptly, about the two-thirds mark, into violent guns-blazing revenge nonsense.

The ending is as action-packed as it is downbeat, and the one survivor looks pathetic in the final shot.

I can only recommend this film for Ga Ling's body exposure. Pretty awful otherwise.

As to a sequel, the final scene looks like it was shot in the same session as the opening scene of another Yiu Ching Ching film, Body Lover.

Reviewer Score: 2