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盜皇陵 (1973)
Imperial Tomb Raiders
Alias: The Emperor's Tomb Raiders
Lobby Card: The Emperor's Tomb
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Martial Arts 
Release Date (HK): 03/30/1973
  Ting Shan-Hsi
  Ting Shan-Hsi
Martial Arts Director
  Kwan Hung
  Runme Shaw
  Wang Yong (7) ... Luo Qi
  Tso Yen-Yung ... Liu Qiao-Er
  Chiang Yang ... Boss Chin Da-Kui
  Hsueh Han ... Boss Cui (4th Uncle)
  Chang Ping-Yu ... Mama Wang
  Chu Ching    
  Yeung Lee-Gwan    
  Ling Yin ... Sister Hsia Ho (Xia He)
  Yang Lian-Ying    
  Wang Li-Yun (2)    
  Yuan Shen ... Father Liu
  Ko Hsiao-Pao ... Young master Liu
  Shan Mao ... Chin's bandit
  Cheng Fu-Hung ... huge bandit with axe
  Li Chiang ... Bandit (get ear cut off)
  Kwan Hung ... Chin's bandit
  Tsai Hung ... Bandit throwing rocks
  Yu Sung-Chao ... Cui's bandit
  Cheng Wan-Hsueh ... Bandit
  Hou Po-Wei ... Thug
  Ho Wei-Hsiung ... First grave-robber trio
  Chu Fei ... First grave-robber trio
  Pan Chuan-Ling ... Thug
  Tie Tou ... Thug [Extra]
  Shih Ting-Ken ... Bandit [Extra]
  Ko Pao ... Thug [Extra]
  Wang Yung-Sheng ... Archer bandit [Extra]
  Chang Chung-Kui ... Chui's thug [Extra]
  Ma Chin-Ku ... Chui's thug [Extra]
  Jack Long Shi-Chia ... Thug [Extra]
  Pan Chang-Ming ... Thug [Extra]
  Chen Hsin-I ... Thug [Extra]
  Chen Chin-Hai ... Thug [Extra]
  Chou Tai-Sheng ... Thug [Extra]
  Yeh Fei-Yang ... Thug [Extra]
  Lee Kwan-Chung ... Thug [Extra]
  Tsang Ming-Cheong ... Thug [Extra]
  Chin Wan-Che ... Thug [Extra]
  Unknown Taiwanese Actor (14) ... Thug [Extra]
  Unknown Taiwanese Actor (11) ... Thug [Extra]
Production Company
  Shaw Brothers
Assistant Director
  Lily Liu Li-Li   Lee Tso-Nam
  Lin Wen-Chin
  Lin Sheng-Chi
Art Director
  Yung Man-Wai
Costume Designer
  Shao Chin
  Lee Lai-Kuen
  Chen Hung-Min
Sound Recordist
  Wang Yong-Hua
  Chow Leung (2)
Filming Location
  China, End of 19th century: When Emperor Xian Feng (1831-1861) favourite concubine Cao died, he had her secretly buried in a huge cavern of the remote Qing Gang Mountains. Rumour has it that the "Eternal night-shining Pearl" was buried with her. About 20 years later it appears that 1 of 8 palace maiden, chosen to follow her to death, escaped and is now most wanted by a Bunch of unscrupulous bandits, who want her to lead to them to that hidden location. The leaders obviously don't care if all their many minors, get killed in the process. They encounter unexpected strong resistance, when they are opposed by a quintet of stunning experienced amazons, who get strong male support by an ass-kicking secret agent. But are they able to defeat those many bandits and aren't there (m)any death-traps awaiting the intruders?