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我在黑社會的日子 (1989)
Triads - The Inside Story
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Circuit: Royal 
Genre: Triad 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run (HK): 08/04/1989 - 08/18/1989
Box Office: HK $14,038,799
  Taylor Wong Tai-Loi
  Nam Yin
Martial Arts Director
  Lam Moon-Wa
  Richard Cheung Kuen
  Chow Yun-Fat ... Lee Man-Ho
  Roy Cheung Yiu-Yeung ... Yeung Kong
  Michael Chan Wai-Man ... Tse Shing
  Kitman Mak Kit-Man ... Guen / Kuen
  Tien Feng ... Uncle Kwan
  Kenneth Tsang Kong ... Supt. Chan Tin-Lok
  Sit Chi-Lun ... Jenny
  Shing Fui-On ... Crazy Keung / Mad Keung
  Lam Kau ... Uncle Ping
  Lung Ming-Yan ... Coffin Sheng / Coffin Rope
  Jeffrey Lam Wai-Hung ... Uncle Bill / Uncle Biu
  Kelvin Wong Siu ... Shrimp
  Karel Wong Chi-Yeung ... Shrimp's lieutenant
  Joey Leung Wing-Chung ... Tak / Little Te
  Bau Hon-Lam ... Uncle Ng / Chow Sai Lin
  Lam Hong    
  Sunny Kam Yat-Lung    
  Robert Zajac ... Snr Police Officer
  Robin Shou Wan-Bo ... Coffin's lieutenant
  Steve Mak Fei-Hung ... Chuen/ Bad Breath
  Chow Kong ... Tsuen
  Leung Siu-Chung ... Uncle Kwan's lieutenant
  Cheng Chi-Hung    
  Wong Wai (3)    
  Fan Cheun-Hing    
  Chang Chi-Yong    
  Tou Tam-Sam    
  Goo Jing-Gwong    
  Chung Chi-Kwong (2)    
  Chung Ching-Ming    
  Mau Chai    
  Chow Siu-Tam    
  Ching Gong (2)    
  Wong Kwok-Wai (2)    
  Fei Chau    
  Robby (2)    
  Cheung Kwok-Leung    
  Chan Ging ... Maddy
  Alex Ng Hong-Ling ... Ho's driver at pier
  Wan Seung-Lam ... Coffin's gangsters at pier
  Chang Seng-Kwong ... Coffin's gangsters at pier
  Johnny Cheung Wa ... Shrimp's gangster
  James Ha Chim-Si ... Kong's man
  Sam Kin-Sang ... Traffic policeman
  Wong Wai-Fong ... Contestant
  Unknown 90s Actor (17) ... Contestant
  Lai Man-Shing ... Mourner
  Strawberry Yeung Yuk-Mui ... Club girl
  Tam Wai-Man ... Extra
  Lam Chi-Tai ... Extra
Production Company
  Cinema City Company Limited
  Golden Princess Amusement Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  To Wan   Ko Chun-Wai
  Ko Chun-Wai
Script Supervisor
  Kwan Yun-Ling
  Herman Yau Lai-To
Focus Puller
  Puccini Yu Kwok-Ping
  Ng Kin-Man
Art Director
  Kwan Kam-Ming   Ho Chi-Hang
  Wong Yun-Fong   Cheung Yuk-King
  Amy Au-Yeung Suk-Lan
Hair Stylist
  Dodo Ng
  Ma Chung-Yiu   Jack
  Wong Kwok-Wai
  Lo Ta-Yu   Richard Lo Sai-Kit
Car Stunts Director
  Chan Yat-Yin   Joe Chu Kai-Sang
  Karl Maka
Executive Coordinator
  Wellington Fung Wing
Production Manager
  Lai Man-Shing
Assistant Production Manager
  Yu Kin-Shing   Wong Siu-Lung
Still Photographer
  Hui Wai-Tat
Recording Studio
  Cinema City Recording Studio
  Kwong Wai-Hung
Cantonese Dubbing
  Ding Yue
Mandarin Dubbing
  Doris Wong Wai-Kwan
Credits Designer
  Jonathan Ting Yuen-Tai
  Universal Laboratory Limited
  Norman Production
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  Lee Kwan, the head of the Hung Hing triad, was killed on a trip to Macau. His son, Lee Mun Ho (Chow Yun-Fat), a resident of the U.S., comes back for the funeral. With the leader now gone, the other triads are salivating at the thought of taking Hung Hing territory. With Hung Hing in disarray, the other leaders of Hung Hing try to convince Ho to stay as the leader. He decides to temporarily be the Hung Hing head for a short transitional period, and during this time he is able to not only make peace with the other triads, but to expand the Hung Hing business territory. In addition, he does some unthinkable things in triad society - cooperates with the police, discourages kid recruiting, seeks medical help for the wounded. However, in triad society, there is always in-fighting, enemies from all directions, and family pressures that makes life difficult and tragic. - Yellow Hammer