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王菲  ♀
Faye Wong Fei
Wong Jing-Man,  Shirley Wong,  Wong Sei,  Wong Fei (4),  Xia Lin,  Wong Jing-Wen
Born: August 8th, 1969 (China)

Filmography (1990-2014)
  Actor (8 films)
    Beyond's Diary (1991) ... Mary
    Chungking Express (1994) ... Faye
    The Returning (1994)    
    Okinawa: Rendez-vous (2000) ... Jenny
    Chinese Odyssey 2002 (2002) ... Princess Wushuang
    Leaving Me, Loving You (2004) ... Xin Xiao Yue
    2046 (2004) ... Wang Jingwen / Train Android
    Magic & Me (2006) ... Herself
  Singer (3 films)
    Chicken a La Queen (1990)    
    Hero (2002)    
    Fleet of Time (2014)    
  Faye Wong is an influential Chinese singer-songwriter and actress who is usually referred to as a diva (Chinese: 天后; literally "Heavenly Queen"). Early in her career she briefly used the stage name Shirley Wong (王靖雯). Born in Beijing, she moved to Hong Kong in 1987 and rose to stardom in the early 1990s by singing ballads in Cantonese. Since 1995 she has recorded mostly in her native Mandarin, often combining alternative music with mainstream Chinese pop. In 2000 she was recognized by Guinness World Records as the Best Selling Canto-Pop Female. Following her second marriage in 2005 she withdrew from the limelight, but returned to the stage in 2010.

(Adapted from Wikipedia)