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Edowan Bersma
Edowan Bersmea,  Frederick Bresma

Filmography (1986-1989)
  Actor (11 films)
    Ninja Operation 2: Way of Challenge (1986)    
    Ninja Operation 3: Licensed to Terminate (1986)    
    Thunder of Gigantic Serpent (1987)    
    American Commando 4: Dressed to Fire (1987)    
    Ninja of the Magnificence (1987)    
    Zodiac Power: The Super Master (1987)    
    Crackdown Mission (1987)    
    American Force 3: High Sky Mission (1987)    
    L.A.Connection (1988)    
    Advent Commando 7: Guns to Heaven (1989)    
    Angel Enforcers (1989)    
  Retired from filmmaking, he is now a writer for articles available in airplane magazines.