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施祖男  ♂
Vincent Sze
Si Cho-Lam
Born: October 24th, 1974 (Hong Kong)

Filmography (1997-2018)
  Actor (22 films)
    Task Force (1997) ... Policeman
    Casino (1998)    
    Young and Dangerous: The Prequel (1998) ... Blackie
    Dark War (2001) ... Killer policeman
    Legend of the Dragon (2005) ... policeman
    Drink, Drank, Drunk (2005) ... Chef Wasabi
    Dragon Squad (2005) ... Tiger Duen's bodyguard
    SPL (2005) ... Chan Wai [intro]
    Dragon Tiger Gate (2006) ... Scaly
    Invisible Target (2007) ... Tien Yeng Chi
    Magic Boy (2007) ... French magician
    Tactical Unit - Partners (2008) ... Hornet
    Vengeance (2009) ... Thompson Cheung Chi Shun
    Tactical Unit - Comrades in Arms (2009) ... Cow/PTU 13893
    The Most Dangerous Man (2010)    
    Life Without Principle (2011) ... Policeman bought by Sung
    Let's Go! (2011) ... Ah Nam
    CZ12 (2012) ... Michael Morgan
    Firestorm (2013) ... Sergeant Szeto
    Office (2015) ... Auditor
    Three (2016) ... Gangster
    The Leakers (2018) ... Teo Chun Loong
  Vincent Sze was born in Hong Kong (October, 24th 1974) but moved to Paris, France when he was three years old. He began practising Karate when he was seven and is now a black belt; he also praticed Taekwondo for four years. From 1990 to 1996, he lived in Noumea (New Caledonia) and then returned to Hong Kong. His first role in the film business was in Patrick Leung's TASK FORCE (1997), and he began working as a model at the same time (he also appeared in some TV commercials, including one directed by Jingle Ma). After DARK WAR in 2001 (where he fights the legendary Yasuaki Kurata), Vincent left the film business for a while and went back to France. In 2004, he returned to Hong Kong again and met producer Abba Chan, who offered him the role of an undercover cop in Wilson Yip's SPL (SHA PO LANG). Now a fulltime actor, Vincent Sze will appear in Daniel Lee's DRAGON SQUAD, and can be seen in a couple of scenes of Derek Yee 's DRINK, DRANK, DRUNK (on which he was also consultant for the movie's French dialogue). He'll work with Wilson Yip again, this time as a bad guy in DRAGON TIGER GATE, adapted from Tony Wong Yuk-long's comic books. Took the lead role in Chee Keong-Cheung's UK/Hong Kong crossover film BODYGUARD: A NEW BEGINNING (2009).