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戚玉武  ♂
Qi Yuwu
Qi Yu-Wu,  Chik Yuk-Mou,  Jerry
Born: November 28th, 1976 (China)

Filmography (2005-2019)
  Actor (8 films)
    P.S...I Luv U (2005)    
    Protege (2007) ... Singapore custom officer arresting Fan
    Painted Skin (2008) ... Demon / Xiao Yi
    14 Blades (2010) ... Xuan Wu
    Beginning of the Great Revival (2011) ... Wang Jinmei
    Any Other Side (2012) ... Lee Wei
    Fat Buddies (2018) ... Policeman Qi
    Walk with Me (2019)    
  In 2007, Qi starred in the films The Leap Years opposite Wong Lilin, Ananda Everingham and Joan Chen; The Home Song Stories, again with Joan Chen; and 881 by Royston Tan, opposite Yeo Yann Yann. He too, made a guest appearance in film Protege, acting with Louis Khoo and Daniel Wu. Qi's nickname is 715 as the numbers in Mandarin sound very much like his Chinese name. (Wikipedia) Dialect: Cantonese
Wife: Joanne Peh