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石軍  ♂
Shih Chun (1)
Sek Kwan,  Chin Hao

Filmography (1957-1972)
  Actor (78 films)
    Hong Chen San Nv Lang (1957)    
    Tian Wu Jue Ren Zhi Lu (1958)    
    A-Lan (1958)    
    Sheng Si Lian (1958)    
    Island Girl (1958)    
    Doctors and Nurses (1960)    
    Gan Lu Chu Shi (1961)    
    Song Jun Qing Lei (1961)    
    Yang Wan-Bao (1962)    
    Waiting for You a Lifetime (1962)    
    Queen Bee (1962)    
    Bloodbath Nightspot (1963)    
    Hard to Say I Love You (1963)    
    Yushima Bai Meji (1963)    
    Long Hu Xuan Feng Er (1964)    
    Luo Da Yu Bi Ri (1964)    
    Ai Chai-Choi Takes a Wife (1964)    
    Because Of Five Cents (1964)    
    Take Care, Sir (1964)    
    Special Agent No. 6 (1964)    
    Tian Xia Yi Da Xiao (1964)    
    Unforgettable Train Station (1965) ... Zhang Guo-Liang
    Yan Zhi Hu (1965)    
    To All the Heartless Men (1965)    
    Light-Tower in Misty Night (1965)    
    Filial Daughter's Desire (1965)    
    Xue Zhong Deng Zi Er (1965)    
    Hong Kong Night Boat (1965)    
    Harbour Street No. 13 (1965)    
    Son of Thief Black Spider (1965)    
    Love Letter Writing at Midnight (1965)    
    You Are the One I Love (1965)    
    Yi Sheng Wei Zhi Ni (1965)    
    Unforgettable Lover (1965)    
    Heart to Heart (1965)    
    Tragic Love Guan Zi-Ling (1966)    
    Night Club of Bloodshed (1966)    
    Devil's Disciple (1966)    
    Dream Mother (1966)    
    Si Guang Biao (1966)    
    Ice Point (1966)    
    Bet On Three Drunk Guests (1967)    
    Tai Feng Yu Bi Ri (1967)    
    The Bamboo Grows Smooth (1967)    
    An Dan Di Yue (1967)    
    Walking Bridge (1967)    
    Stupid Bride Han Zi-Xu (1967) ... Zhao Wen-De
    Lame Feeling, Lame Marriage (1967)    
    Seeking Mother Till Tokyo (1967)    
    The Sentimental (1967)    
    Unbounded Love (1967)    
    Lovers Bridge (1967)    
    Four Seasons (1967)    
    End of an Era (1968)    
    Lao Hua Hen (1968)    
    First Tone Calls Master Second Tone Calls Suffer (1968)    
    Just As Never Loved Me (1968)    
    Da Xiao Shan (1968)    
    Dreams of the Past (1968)    
    Seaside Amorous Feelings (1968)    
    Kiss Me (1969)    
    Ye Ye Si Jun (1969)    
    More People More Luck (1969)    
    Nu Xing De Fu Chou (1969)    
    East South West North (1969)    
    Taipei City at Night (1969)    
    Mama Where Are You? (1969)    
    Fixed Prize (1969)    
    A Small Flower (1969)    
    Yi Tai San Ge (1969)    
    The Memory of An Ping Port (1969)    
    Flower in Rain (1969)    
    A Thrust with a Sword (1969) ... Chien Fong
    Spy Little Mudan (1970)    
    Jade Lion (1970)    
    Hate Me Not (1970)    
    Love You Hate You (1971)    
    Shao Nv Hong Lv Deng (1972)    
  Director (1 film)
    Lame Feeling, Lame Marriage (1967)    
  Writer (1 film)
    Hong Kong Love Song (1972)    
  Shi Jun (Shih Jun) was, along with Yang Ming, the favourite actor of the era. In 1965, for example, he shot no less than nineteen movies. He started in the film industry as a script supervisor. Because of his height and delicate features, he often played romantic students, ready to die for love. After the collapse of the taiyupian industry, he moved into television