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邱罔舍  ♂
Chiu Wang-She
Chau Mong-Se,  Chen Li-Xiong

Filmography (1957-1985)
  Actor (16 films)
    Qiu Wang-She (1957) ... Qiu Wang-She
    Three Love Songs (1964)    
    Young Lady Enters City (1966) ... Rude bar-guest
    Challenge Underworld Island (1966)    
    Pu Shi Bian (1967)    
    Life Begins (1967)    
    Don't Debt (1968)    
    Wonderful Woman Wonderful Marriage (1968)    
    Laugh at The First Sight of You (1968)    
    Jiao Suan Shou Ruan (1968)    
    Female Dragon King (1969)    
    Good-Bye Taipeh (1969)    
    Silver Maid (1969)    
    The Most Passionate Night (1970)    
    A Wife's Worries (1971)    
    The City Girl (1985)    
  Real name is Chen Li-Xiong (陳力雄) but early in his career he played the folk hero 邱罔舍, and the movie was very successful, that people started to call him Chiu Wang-She, so he adopted this name as his stage name (mentioned in an old magazine article about one of his TV-series).