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Lam Gwong-Ling
Lin Kuang-Ning,  Lin Kuang-Neng

Filmography (1983-1990)
  Actor (12 films)
    Kidnapped (1983)    
    Mr. Handsome (1987)    
    The Revenge Ghost of the Tree (1988)    
    World's Biggest Happy (1988)    
    It's a Mad Mad Prison (1988)    
    Ying Xiong Wu Dan (1989)    
    Black Shoes and White Shoes (1989)    
    Lessons of the Playground (1989)    
    Excuse Me, Please! (1989)    
    Ghost Married (1990)    
    Da Siao Bing Tuan (1990)    
    You Xia Er (1990) ... Wu Shi Kun