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薛文熹  ♂
Hugh Simon
Pinyin: xuē wén
Sit Man-Hei
影視作品 / Filmography (2009-2021)
  出品人 / Presenter
    親密 / Claustrophobia (2009)    
    月滿軒尼詩 / Crossing Hennessy (2010)    
    戀人絮語 / Lover's Discourse (2010)    
    贖命 / Strawberry Cliff (2011)    
    第一次 / First Time (2012)    
    大追捕 / Nightfall (2012)    
    寒戰 / Cold War (2012)    
    黃飛鴻之英雄有夢 / Rise of the Legend (2014)    
    失戀急讓 / Temporary Family (2014)    
    特工爺爺 / The Bodyguard (2016)    
    梅艷芳 / Anita (2021)    
  Hugh Simon is Chief Executive Officer of Hamon Investment Group, which he established in 1989 to provide investment management services in Asian equity markets for institutional clients. Mr. Simon has been in the investment business for over 20 years, both in the public and private equity investment markets. Over the years, he has expanded the company's fund products, which now has assets under management of over US$1.4 billion.

Mr. Simon has been involved in film and theatre financing and production since the 1990's, and is experienced with the structuring available to film financing and funding (from http://www.irresistiblefilms.com.hk)