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車魂 (1983)
The Accident
Alias: Blood of the Black Dog
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Horror 
Theatrical Run: 01/27/1983 - 02/04/1983
Box Office: HK $2,327,513.00
  Lo Bo-Lun
  Lo Bo-Lun
  Keung Wing-Keung
  Eddie Chen    
  Kent Cheng Jak-Si ... Fatty Cheng
  Bonnie Ngai Chau-Wah ... Mrs Chow
  Ma Bo-Ming ... Siu Ching - Little Girl
  Fong Chow (2)    
  Siao San-Yan    
  Fong Ping (2)    
  Yeung Si-Dai ... Mother
  Gam Lau (1) ... Maid
  Wong Ha-Fei ... Gambler
  Gam Biu    
  Na Na (1)    
  Chan Hung (5) ... Gambler
  Hon Lai-Fan    
  Wong Hak (1)    
  Pak Sha-Lik    
  Lau Hon-Cheung    
  Tang Cheung ... [Uncredited]
  Yeung Wo ... [Uncredited]
  Ronnie ... [Uncredited]
  Yat Boon-Chai ... Policeman [Uncredited]
  Woo's Film Production (H.K.) Co. (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Yeung Hua
Script Supervisor
  Law Lam (2)
  Luk Ching
Art Director
  Jonathan Ting Yuen-Tai
  Yip Yat-Ming
  Yau Lam
Sound Recordist
  Chang Hua
  Kam Ma
  Jacky Tang Wai-Yuk
  Tang Siu-Lam
  Wu Kai-Chung
  Ma Fei-Lung
Production Manager
  Jeng Kai-Ming
Associate Production Manager
  Wong Nap-Si
Unit Manager
  Lau Hon-Cheung
Special Effects
  Jonathan Ting Yuen-Tai
  Lung Bo-Din
Sound F/X
  Ng Kwok-Wah
  Hong Kong Color Movielab Ltd.
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  In anger, a toy factory owner throws a sub-standard toy car out the window of his sweatshop. The toy nearly hits schoolgirl Siu Ching, but she is saved by the fast response of Fatty Cheng. Siu Ching's eighth birthday soon arrives, but her ill and overworked mother has a sudden attack, and Siu Ching must go out in the rain to buy more medicine. By coincidence, the managers of the same toy factory are in the car who knock her over on the road and then run away, without reporting the accident. The little girl is killed, and her mother dies in grief. Fatty Cheng accuses the factory people, who are his bosses. Then, one by one, Siu Ching's ghosts wreaks horrible revenge on them.