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Siu Tak-Foo  ♂

Thug with Garden Scissors
Mini-Skirt Gang (1974)

Righting Wrongs (1986)

Mini-Skirt Gang (1974)

The Peacock King (1989)

Royal Warriors (1986)

The Loot (1980)

Dragons Forever (1988)

Crazy Partner (1979)

Mad Mad Kung Fu (1979)

The Convict Killer (1980)

Double Trouble (1984)

Gambling Ghost (1991)

Encounter of the Spooky Kind (1980)

Encounter of the Spooky Kind (1980)

Return of the Sentimental Swordsman (1981)

Postman Strikes Back (1982)

She Shoots Straight (1990)

Clan Feuds (1982)

Crazy Partner (1979)

Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog! (1978)

Yes, Madam! (1985)

Pedicab Driver (1989)

The Killer in White (1980)

Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars (1985)

Heart of the Dragon (1985)

My Lucky Stars (1985)

The Kung-Fu Instructor (1979)

The Kung-Fu Instructor (1979)

The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter (1984)

Abbot of Shaolin (1979)
Shaolin fighter
The Fatal Flying Guillotines (1977)

Kickboxer's Tears (1992)

Three Against the World (1988)

Where's Officer Tuba? (1986)

Lion Vs Lion (1981)
First fighter in Final Tournament
The Ring of Death (1980)

The Lady Is the Boss (1983)

My Young Auntie (1981)

By Hook or by Crook (1980)

The Phantom Killer (1981)

What Price Honesty? (1981)

The Kid with a Tattoo (1980)
<br>Ashes of Time (1994)
Ashes of Time (1994)

In the Blood (1988)

Mantis Fists and Tiger Claws of Shaolin (1977)

Double Trouble (1984)

Zen Kwun Do Strikes in Paris (1981)

Gang Master (1982)
Left to right:  Chin Kar Lok, Fung Lee, Yuen Biao, Siu Tak Foo, Hsiao Hou, Peter Chan Lung
The Millionaires' Express (1986)

From Riches to Rags (1980)
Left to right:  Fung Lee, Siu Tak Foo, Chin Kar Lok, Hsiao Ho, Peter Chan Lung

Behind:  Bolo Yeung, Ha Ping
The Millionaires' Express (1986)