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馬永貞 (1972)
Boxer from Shantung
US title: The Killer from Shantung
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Martial Arts 
Release Date (HK): 02/11/1972
  Chang Cheh
  Pao Hsueh-Li
  Chang Cheh
  Ni Kuang
Martial Arts Directors
  Tong Kai
  Lau Kar-Leung
  Lau Kar-Wing (1)
  Chan Chuen (1)
  Runme Shaw
original movie poster (version A)
  Chen Kuan-Tai ... Ma Yung Chen (Ma Yongzheng)
  Ching Li ... Chin Lin Chi (Jin Lingzi)
  Cheng Kang-Yeh ... Hsiao Chiang Bei (Xiao Jiangbei)
  David Chiang Da-Wei ... Boss Tan Si
  Chiang Nan (1) ... Boss Yang
  Fung Ngai ... Fang Ah Gen/One of 4 Champions
  Ku Feng ... Chang Chin Fa (Zhang Jinfa)/one of 4 Cha
  Tin Ching (1) ... Li Caishun/One of 4 Champions
  Wong Ching (1) ... Lu Pu/One of 4 Champions
  Mario Milano ... Russian muscleman
  Chan Ho (3) ... Chin Lin Chi's uncle
  Lee Man-Tai ... Innkeeper
  Lu Wei (1) ... Horse carriage maker
  Shum Lo ... Tea house owner
  Bruce Tong Yim-Chaan ... One of Ma's men
  Leung Seung-Wan (1) ... One of Ma's men
  Wang Chung ... One of Tan Si's men
  Wang Kuang-Yu (1) ... One of Tan Si's men
  Fung Hak-On ... Tan Si's coachman/Yang's thug
  Tang Tak-Cheung ... Russian muscleman' challenger
  Yen Shi-Kwan ... Russian muscleman' challenger
  Huang Pei-Chih ... Russian muscleman' challenger
  Hsu Hsia ... One of Ma's men
  Wong Mei (1) ... One of Ma's men
  Ling Hon (1) ... One of Ma's men
  Wong Shu-Tong ... One of Ma's men
  Yuen Yat-Choh ... One of Ma's men
  Yuan Man-Tzu ... Prostitute
  Mama Hung ... Brothel mamasan
  Bai Yu (1) ... Brothel mamasan
  Gam Tin-Chue ... Brothel boss
  Fuk Yan-Cheng ... Brothel boss
  Cho Kin (2) ... Tea house waiter
  Chu Kai ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Cheung Siu-Lun (1) ... Casino manager [extra]
  Lam Wah (1) ... Train passenger [extra]
  Unknown SB-Actor (22) ... Casino gambler [extra]
  Unknown SB-Actor (49) ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Lo Wai (1) ... Tan's man/Yang's thug [extra]
  Got Ping ... Brothel mamasan [extra]
  Lee Chiu (2) ... Tan's man/Yang's thug [extra]
  Unknown SB-Actress (2) ... Prostitute [extra]
  Ng Yuen-Fan (1) ... Tan's man/Yang's thug [extra]
  Ho Bo-Sing ... Tan's man/Yang's thug [extra]
  Yeung Pak-Chan ... Tan's man/Yang's thug [extra]
  Chan Chuen (1) ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Tung Choi-Bo ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Danny Chow Yun-Kin ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Huang Ha (1) ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Chik Ngai-Hung ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Chui Fat ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Wynn Lau Chun-Fai ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Chan Dik-Hak ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Wan Fat ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Yuen Shun-Yi ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Alan Chan Kwok-Kuen ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Ko Hung (2) ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Ho Pak-Kwong ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Wong Chi-Keung (4) ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Phillip Ko Fei ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Brandy Yuen Jan-Yeung ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Lee Hang (3) ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Tam Bo ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Law Keung ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Lai Yan (3) ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Chan Siu-Kai ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Chui Kin-Wa ... Yang's thug [extra]
  San Kuai ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Tino Wong Cheung ... Yang's thug [extra]
  San Sin ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Yuen Cheung-Yan ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Yuen Wo-Ping ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Kong Chuen (3) ... Yang's thug [extra]
  Hung Ling-Ling ... Casino waitress [extra]
  Ting Tung (1) ... Horse carriage worker [extra]
  Yi Fung ... Train passenger [extra]
  Sai Gwa-Pau ... Wrestling spectator [extra]
  Tsang Choh-Lam ... Wrestling spectator [extra]
  Chu Yau-Ko ... Wrestling spectator [extra]
  Wong Yuet-Ting (1) ... Wrestling spectator [extra]
  Wong Kung-Miu ... Wrestling spectator [extra]
  Lam Yuen (1) ... Wrestling spectator [extra]
  Chan Ho-Cheung ... Wrestling spectator [extra]
  Chai Lam ... Casino gambler [extra]
  Kwan Yan ... Casino gambler [extra]
  Tony Lee Wan-Miu ... Casino gambler [extra]
  Unknown SB-Actor (26) ... Casino gambler [extra]
  Cheung Sek-Aau ... Casino gambler [extra]
  Unknown SB-Actor (13) ... Wrestling spectator/casino gambler [extr
  Cheung Chok-Chow ... Wrestling spectator/casino gambler [extr
Production Company
  Shaw Brothers
Filming Company
  Shaw Brothers
  Shaw Brothers (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  John Woo Yu-Sum   Godfrey Ho Chi-Keung
  Kung Mu-To   Yuen Teng-Bong
  Kuan Ying-Chuen
Costume Designer
  Lee Kei (3)
  Kwok Ting-Hung
  Ho Chieh-Fu   Lai Yu
  Johnson Tsao Chuang-Sheng
Sound Recordist
  Wang Yong-Hua (1)
  Frankie Chan Fan-Kei (1)
Credits Designer
  Kamber Huang Chin-Ba
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  Ma Yung Chen is a brash young boxer new to Shanghai. With his trusted pal Lo Keng Pei, he aims to improve his lot. He encounters the leaders of the local gangs. From the first, the elegant Mr Tan, he learns about money, and he respects Tan. But the second, the devious Tang, he despises. Tang employs a division of axe men (led by Chang, played by Guk Fung) and a division on knife men (leader played by Tien Cheng). Ma fights these divisions by himself, and does quite well. A boxing contest is staged. The challenge is to knock down a gigantic European, and the prize is twenty dollars. With his irons fists, Ma naturally wins, and this also earns him boss status, meaning he now receives the proceeds of a protection racket. But Ma wants more. He fights Chang for control of a street where casinos and brothels operate. Tang allows him to win, planning to use him as a pawn against his rival, Tan.